ohh crap... Can someone please help me? - please help me :(

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30-05-2007 15:25:30

crap. I am currently going to Portland State University and I have just noticed that i am done with the term in like 2 weeks. I have to be out by June 16th, and I should be done with the 360elite4free site this weekend. I cant do the money either becasue im doing the bundle. Is there anything I can do? Can I still get it shipped here? How long does it usually take?



30-05-2007 15:37:42

they say processing should take up to 2 weeks... How long does it usually take?

Can I do an in store pick up? like best buy?


30-05-2007 17:44:51

When you check out they will ask you where to ship it. Just put whatever address you'll be at soon. Or ask them to delay it until you get a new address.

Support should be helpful for this type of thing.


30-05-2007 18:05:54

ok thanks... I guess that would work )