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30-05-2007 14:03:35

I have a trade setup for about a month now, I completed all the offers that I needed to complete in order to go green but I did not get credit for two offers so I submitted for manual credit but the site has not yet responded to my manual credit request so now this person wants to cancel the trade, which I feel is unfair because I already paid for the offers I completed...My question is does that person have the right to cancel the trade, even thought its not my fault how long the sites support take to approve or deny my credit request?


30-05-2007 14:23:53

If there was no time limit agreed to at the time the trade was set up, then technically no, he does not have that right. He needs to wait it out with you, and pay you once you go green.

Hope this helps )


30-05-2007 14:25:03

thats what I feel....and no there was no time limit.....what should I do?


30-05-2007 14:50:20

PM a mod...they may be able to help you out and offer some advice )


30-05-2007 15:34:06

I had a similar problem. I put in for a manual credit and the person who I was getting the green for finished her site with someone else and is not going to pay me even if I get the credit. Is that normal? Seems it isn't.


30-05-2007 17:46:01

No its not normal. They only way they can cancel the trade without your consent is if they tried to contact you and you never replied - twice in a two week period. PM a mod for help.


30-05-2007 18:04:02

Thanks, off to bug KeithA again... )


30-05-2007 18:06:55

According to the rules, as long as you maintain contact with your trader, communicating with them the status of your ref account at the site you are working on with them, and have kept with the parameters of your trade agreement with them, then that person must pay you when stipulated. They cannot delete your trade without your permission, and even if they get others to take your place so they can get approved, they still owe you.

You have no control on whether an offer sends credit to you or not. I just had a trade on the module that I have waited to go green for TWO MONTHS, almost 3 months total since I did the offer. I finally got an answer back from the site that it may never be credited, so I contacted my trader and asked for that to be deleted. I kept in contact the whole time. This is how it is supposed to be done.

Because of the vagries of these offers through their affiliates, it may take a long time to get the credit, if ever. Just keep plugging at it, and keep your trader informed. That person is not in the right to delete your trade because you have not gone green yet due to manual credit hangups. cubbieco is right PM a mod for help if this person stays adamant about deleting your trade for this reason.


30-05-2007 18:18:53

Great answer alan4561. I have kept this trader updated. She hadn't looked at it for around a month but it was there waiting for her. It sounded like she wasn't going to pay(If and when I go green) so I'm asking her for clarification. This may go through without a hitch, just not sure yet and I wanted to be prepared for the worse. Thanks all for the help.