Using gift cards.

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28-05-2007 17:38:56

What info do I put for name and billing info when I'm completing offers?

Also, my friend wants to try a few offers. Can he use my CC number on an offer I've already done?


28-05-2007 17:39:53

You would put your billing information, I believe.
The answer to the second question, though, is no. It would be seen as fraud, and you would both get in trouble.


28-05-2007 17:42:05

gift cards can be tricky. Most use your name and address for billing info. Others use the person who BOUGHT the card's info.


28-05-2007 18:26:24

Simon uses your name and address for billing information.


28-05-2007 21:07:58

[quotec33e8c67ff="tylerc"]Simon uses your name and address for billing information.[/quotec33e8c67ff]

So if someone bought me the card as as gift, I would still put my information and not theirs?


28-05-2007 23:58:25

You should always put in your own information. You need to find out if you can associate your address with the gift card somehow since many of these offers will attempt to verify your address.