? about crediting-

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28-05-2007 11:47:24

Freebie Site owners..... I have a question for you. lol

Why does it take FOREVER to get credit sometimes? Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand why it takes affiliates 2 weeks to two months to provide credit. Once they get the confirmation email and FUll headers, can't they just check that in a matter of minutes? Or at the most a full day? Just curious what your thoughts are?

I just think that they get paid for people to do the offers, correct? Sites get paid when someone does (completes) an offer, correct? Traders get paid when they go "green". Everyone wins when the offers credit! Don't affiliates want their money any faster?

BTW...... this is not a venting thread just hoping for a better understanding or clarification. lol


29-05-2007 06:45:17


This thread should answer some questions for you, hope it helps. )


30-05-2007 17:08:21

Thank you Hawke, very good information in that thread. A lot of it I already knew or assumed but definately a good read for experienced and new traders.