I need to change computers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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25-05-2007 16:24:14

Hello everyone[/coloraeb17207cb][/sizeaeb17207cb],,, I hope someone can help me with this .......

I need to use my laptop to keep trading,, I hear that the IP address has to stay the same to keep people from having more than one account going,,but I must leave my desk top at home while I am on the road,,, how can I do this,, and what if the desktop crashed,,, how would one keep trading,,,,,,?????? I am sure there is a answer,, I just have to get to it,,,,, )

Please help me if you can,,,,,,



25-05-2007 17:48:26

Ip addresses change often. Whenever your DSL modem reboots you will get a new IP.

It's not so much the IP change as it is making sure you don't use the same computer as the people you refer. Also, if you IP changes wildly between different ISPs then they might be suspicious.


25-05-2007 19:51:11

what i would do is check with the site owners. when i was out of town with a lap top i didnt log into accounts.


25-05-2007 22:23:45

He is talking about being gone along time. So how would he go about still being able to do his trades. While traveling from state to state?? Should he just change now? Or is he shit out of luck and has to do all his trading once he is back home?


25-05-2007 22:45:00

Basically, he should do 2 things.

1. He should get all his ref links now and put them into a document, for all the sites he will be working on while on the road. That way, he can still trade them, and most sites have other means of support (AIM, email), so he can still check in on how his refs are doing. Then, if it comes around that he has the refs to cash out, he could contact the site owners, or wait until he returns back home to finish up.
2. He should edit his signature, taking out the ref link before he gets banned and doesn't have to worry about trading on this site.

Sorry if the second things sounds mean, as that's not my intent. But I hopw the first thing helps you out )


25-05-2007 23:06:42

Great thanks I will tell him.