Grant Mentor troubles

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25-05-2007 11:13:07

Anyone having trouble with Grant Mentor. I have confirmation of account activation but never received an email, never received credit for offer, and when I try to call them about my membership but the number they gave me doesn't work (rings twice then no answer). Any suggestions????


25-05-2007 11:17:43

We don't talk about cancellation in public. But yes, Grant Mentor has been giving plenty of people trouble with crediting. If you will do a search for "Grant Mentor", you will get all kinds of threads about it. There is currently one in the Trainn forum that has the same issue.

Sorry to say, you might not be getting credit for it.


25-05-2007 11:25:35

Thanks for the info and the correction was made in my post.


25-05-2007 11:27:44

No problem. Sorry that you (and everyone else) is having difficulty with this offer.


25-05-2007 11:42:23

I had the same problem with athomerewards. I finally got credit, and last night someone here gave me a number that worked. They gave me a free year and a $25 gift card for my trouble, then lifinallyli gave me my login info so I could actually use the service )