confused about offer?

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25-05-2007 06:30:58

Sorry if this is stupid question but I am confused about this..I am going to do a offer but not sure if I would get credit for it cause it has following message on terms "Incentive Offers.

If Customer orders the Product through a third party incentive website that qualifies Customer for a free gift and Customer cancels Customer's subscription before the Free Trial Period has expired, Customer will be disqualified from receiving the free gift. Any questions concerning incentive websites and/or associated free gifts should be directed to the website owner where the free gift offer was made. "
Does this mean if I cancell before the trial offer I wont get credit for going green on site..Website is if that matters...offer is Overnight Genius
Thanks for the help


25-05-2007 06:37:59

Yup, you read the terms correctly. This is to encourage people to try offers they are really genuinely interested. When people just sign up for an offer with intent to cancel it, it eventually chases the advertisers away.