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24-05-2007 01:14:45

I was wondering if I forgot to write down some information about the details of an offer I completed will it cause problems to go back to the offer site through the link on the referral site? Even though I am sure I had my firewall and cookie settings correct, I had a couple of offers not send an email confirmation and wanted to fill in some missing pieces of information about the length of trial, cost, etc.

I would hate to green on a site for someone and then have go red 'cause I wanted to confirm some information. Some offers appear to be so similar, I haven't been 100% sure on a couple which one I actually did.

Also, is it a no-no to complete offers for similar products/services that are listed under different names? I've tried to check tos, but they don't appear to be the same company.

Sometimes I can't tell enough about an offer by reading the provided descriptions. If I decide an offer won't suit me right now, would I get in trouble if I decide to complete the offer at a later date. I had one site that logged the click for an offer I didn't want right then, reconsidered the next day and the site wouldn't let me.

Anyway, just scratching my head over a few things.... ?


24-05-2007 01:21:49

I personally would not advise going to an offer through the freebie site's link if you have already signed up that way. it might not necessarily be a problem, but then again, it might end up being a problem. You should try asking about it on the individual site, though.

Also, as long as the two offers are different, then it is ok to do them, although they may be similar products (Overnight Genius and Video Professor, for example...same idea, but different companies). Some, though, have multiple names but are the same company, but I would say for the most part, you should be fine.

Also, if you click on an offer to view more but don't do the offer at that time, it shouldn't be a problem to go back later and decide to do it. However, it also might depend on the site ... again, this is something you might want to ask the site support about.

I hope this helps to at least point you in the right direction.


24-05-2007 04:25:37

Hi there,

moviemadnessman is right. There are many offers that seem simular but are different. When in doubt about it, ask the site, they would know, and if you get put on hold for fraud of the offer, you can show the support ticket reply to the owner, who told you it wasn't the same as one you had already done.

Keep very good records of every thing, copy TOS to your computer before completing the offer, and good ole paper and pen work well. Just make sure you have all the nec info.

Personally I have clicked on offers several times at many sites to check and recheck the offer and the TOS. I had the same thing happen to me one time, that I wasn't taken back to the offer after I had clicked on it once, but that was a Nexus Lead...haven't ever had luck with those crediting, so after 3 of those, quite doing them altogether.

A lot of sites allow you to view your click history, it's helpful to me, as it reminds me which offers I've checked out...especially for sites that have over 400 offers! Never gotten into hot water for checking out an offers TOS, and clicking and clicking on it, prior to completing it...not yet, but I would imagine many people do the same thing, as you want to be sure of everything prior to completing it. Though some sights may question it, so far I haven't had any troubles.

Always good to check with the site if you have any doubts. You never want to make the mistake of completing an offer twice....many of the eBay sites look exactly alike, but are very different...just ask. wink

Good luck, and much success here!!

Margot wink


24-05-2007 04:52:05

I frequently click offers multiple times and have never had a problem. What I usually do when I first sign up on a site is to look over the offers available, click any that look interesting, read the TOS, etc. When I have compared all of the interesting offers, I then choose which one(s) I want to do. Close down to FiPG, clear my cookies, then return to the site, log in, and go directly to the offer I've chosen.

This has never been a problem for me, and I don't see that it would. Offer fraud is COMPLETING an offer more than once. Just looking at the TOS, etc, is not completing it.

If you are not sure if two offers are the same thing, I'd open a support ticket and ask. There are several right now that look completely different and are the same offer (who comes up with this stuff anyway???????? If they don't want us to do the same offer twice, why try to trick us with putting the same offer on the page more than once with a different look??????)



24-05-2007 08:13:29

I agree with laurelwm. I have not personally had a problem with that.
I think you should be fine as long as you are only looking at the offer as a guest..


24-05-2007 12:00:33

Too many replies to quote ) . You guys rock.

I was just shocked to see that one site not let me reselect an offer I didn't actually complete, figured I better get some opinions to confirm.

Also, it's probably in the newbie guides already, but it sure can suck if you get an email confirmation for a companion offer, but not the main offer. The service looked very helpful for building an ebay business, but not really my cup of tea right now. I didn't realize that I only cancelled a companion offer until I saw a $60 charge on my bank account. I guess I should have been suspicious when the email I got didn't have the same name as the original offer. At least their CS rep said that a refund should post to my account in 3 to 4 days.

Thanks again for the advice.