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23-05-2007 07:20:52

Does anyone know if the site is down for repairs or something? My refs keep getting fatal error messages.


23-05-2007 07:22:03

It seems to be happening to several sites today.

or they could just be updating )


23-05-2007 08:16:27

Yes I am getting this error
Fatal error Call to undefined function getglobaluser() in /home/parth823/public_html/classes/site.class.php on line 312
when I try to get into hotgifts4you.


23-05-2007 08:57:25

yes I am having the same error...the site opens but I get this at login..

Fatal error Call to undefined function getglobaluser() in /home/parth823/public_html/classes/site.class.php on line 312


I also have not been able to acces cars.goldenfreebies for two days and now this morning allforone.yourgiftsfree!! SAME PROBLEM?

I get this page.......

this message...
Your License is Invalid

Scenarios for Invalid License
1) Possible Typo of license number provided
2) Trying to use the script without a valid license

If you feel that this error is invalid, please contact the software vendor.


all of these problems occur on my laptop and my desktop at home so I am sure it is a site problem or something like that...
anyone else???...


23-05-2007 19:49:20

Sorry for the downtime guys. I emailed the coder, so hopefully he can fix the issue.


24-05-2007 14:54:13

Thank you! I have people waiting patiently to do trades and for me to pay the ones that have!! Thanks again! D


25-05-2007 22:59:54

Is it still down???? I still cant log into it!! HELP
I deleted browsing history and disk clean-up and still cant log in.