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23-05-2007 03:41:27

I did an offer for someone on [b569dbdb899]pvps4free[/b569dbdb899] last month and it was taking a long time to go green so I wanted to contact the company so I could find out what was going on/how to fix it. The site will no longer let me sign in. It replies I have an invalid login/password. I can't find a good way to contact them besides a phone number that keeps saying message box full. It's 1-877-572-8550. They also have 2 email= addresses that get returned an undeliverable. That's email=advertising@offercentric.comadvertising@offercentric.com addresses that get returned an undeliverable. That's email=advertising@offercentric.comadvertising@offercentric.com/email and email==inquiries@offercentric.cominquiries@offercentric.com=inquiries@offercentric.cominquiries@offercentric.com/email. So hopefully someone can give me some contact leads?


05-06-2007 21:02:25

Just to follow up with this. Unless you have your personal referral number they cannot look you up in their system. So keep good records with this site so they don't rip you off.