Turn off Firewall?

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22-05-2007 19:43:07

I've read on here that they recommend you clear cookies (I get that), but turn off anti-virus and firewall?

Can anyone explain why we would have to turn off the firewall? I've had enough offers credit that I'm thinking that's a deal breaker for me. If I have to do that to get credit, not so sure it's worth it - it just sounds shady...

Big War Bird

22-05-2007 20:10:55

You don't have to disable your firewall, but its just a step to take for the 1% of the time that it will cause a problem. I did some 80 offers over the course of a year and never cleared cookies, changed any security settings and only had a couple offers not credit. But you do want to make sure that you set yourself up in a way that gives you a maximum chance for success.