how long do I keep emails?

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22-05-2007 12:50:01

How long am I suppose to keep confirmation and cancellation emails..Just tell I get credit from site or longer?


22-05-2007 13:16:28

its really up to you.. i would keep them if ya havent gotten credit from the site so you can put in for credit request qith full headers.. but there's really no time limit one way or the other



22-05-2007 13:18:08

I keep mine for at least 90 days. ) That way, if any credit or billing issues arise I know I'm prepared. As Shawn says though, it's really your choice in the end.


22-05-2007 13:29:37

I'll probably keep mine until I run out of room in my email - I just put them all in a separate folder.


22-05-2007 13:51:02

I have a separate email address for freesites and I don't delete anything except spam.

Big War Bird

22-05-2007 14:00:13

I keep em until I pass approval for my own prize on the freebie site.


22-05-2007 15:33:31

I keep my emails in a separate folder. I try not to delete them just in case I have a billing or account question. But I'm not aware of any specified time frame you are REQUIRED to keep them.


22-05-2007 17:48:24

I use gmail and I'll just keep them forever. 90 days could be a good rule of thumb. By then you should know if the cancellation worked.


22-05-2007 17:59:48

with most emails these days u have so much room that there is no reason to create a "freetrading" folder and store them all in there.
otherwise, if i need to delete something i wait until i get my free item AND 3 months after cancellation, if i ever cancelled (arbitrary time)