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22-05-2007 10:56:34

[bebf0c859e9]EEeeeeee[/bebf0c859e9] shock .....OK so I did a couple instant offers 1) yournintendowii4free and 2) yourfreevideoipods They still havent credited and its been like 24 hours. ?? Got the conf on one but still waiting on the other. Charges have been posted to my CC for both. Is this normal and can I do anything to speed it along???


22-05-2007 11:04:15

Submit a manual credit request for the one you got an email on. For the other one, try contacting the company to get the email re-sent.

I hope that helps!


22-05-2007 11:07:16

? the site wont let me post a manual credit request until after 7 days. Waaaaaaaaaaa
Guess I just wait??


22-05-2007 11:30:54

Not much else you can do except wait. Sorry cry


22-05-2007 11:46:04

looks like you have to wait (


22-05-2007 13:51:27

I just want to add that it seems more and more "Instant" offers are taking longer to credit, so it might still come through on its own before the week is over.


22-05-2007 14:09:19

Thanks everyone..


22-05-2007 15:30:37

I've had an instant offer take a couple of days. Sorry, but you'll need to wait. (


22-05-2007 17:49:16

Make sure the confirmation email from the other offer didn't end up in your spam folder.