anyone having probs with

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22-05-2007 09:52:50

i have done my offer on this site, but it wasnt credited, then i submitted a missing report credit, with conf. email, full headers, and its been weeks, and they havent responded to any of my distress calls!!!! does anyone know whats going on with that site? anyone else having problems with it??? im going crazy!! i wanna get paid for the green i did WEEKS ago!!!


22-05-2007 13:46:57

I haven't had problems with any Trainn site not responding to support tickets/missing credit requests. You might try submitting another support ticket, or email=ing them at email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.orging them at, and they usually respond pretty fast that way.

I hope this helps you to get this all worked out.


22-05-2007 17:55:53

Missing credit reports will typically take at least 30 days to get resolved. It can be as long as 60 days or more.

Some people choose just to do another offer at some point, but you are not required to do that.

There are many other people willing to pay you for another green as well, like um me... (Sorry for the shameless plug).


23-05-2007 05:03:25

Trainn almost always credits with missing credit requests within 10 business days. Did you wait the required 7 days first? Are you sure you had COMPLETE headers, etc?

My daughter has put in three missing credits in the last few weeks, and I have done two. All of them credited within the 10 business days window. The one she put in on YourPS34Free credited in a week.

If it has been more than 10 BUSINESS days, I would open a support ticket and ask about it.



23-05-2007 14:43:38

Never had a problem with Trainn.