BodyFit Pro phone number?

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22-05-2007 06:19:51

I need to call the BodyFit Pro customer service number, but every time I call I get a busy signal. I tried calling several times throughout the day yesterday, but I couldn't get through whether I dialed a 1 in front or not. Does anybody have a number for them besides 800-927-2029?


22-05-2007 08:03:29

That is the same number I have. I had to just hang on forever!!! Keep trying!


22-05-2007 14:18:46

I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to speak with somebody... but I finally got through. D They said I'd be on hold for 21 minutes, but it was only about five. I guess it is their real customer service number after all.


26-05-2007 20:59:06

I kept on calling and it always went into their "full voicemail." I couldn't leave a voice message. Then they asked me if I know my extension number. What the heck? lol I got so confused. What should I do?

Red as a rose

30-05-2007 19:32:49

RE Body Fit Pro. I was on hold for over an hour trying to cancel future orders. Never got through just message after message 2 minutes, 1 minute 1/2 a minute less than 1/2 a minute and finally the voice mail- mail box I left a very ugly message. I am going to turn them in because I think this is there way to send you a 99.dollar charge for a worthless product. I could not tell it did anything and I threw it away, This is a scam dunk. Please don't get hoodwinked unless you want to play phone footis with a recorded message. I see one of you said you finally got through I think I will just tell my Credit card company not to pay. I have better things to do than sit on hold forever. I bet you do too.
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