NE1 else having problems with these offers crediting?

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21-05-2007 14:26:42

The last 4 credits (more offers) have not credited. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong since I have credit at some sites and even 50% or more at the ones I filed manual credit for.

Just wondering if anyone else had done the following offers and if they are crediting for you?

Video Professor
Foreclosure Alert
Player's Vacation Club
Psychic One on One
Bob Greene Diet

Any tips or info. would be appreciated. I'm feeling jinxed right now... PS. I am always good about clearing cookies and temp internet files, closing antivirus, etc. so I really don't think it's on my end but who knows...


21-05-2007 16:43:50

Video Professor is instant usually with crediting, but it really matters what site your doing it for....


21-05-2007 21:33:28

I've done both the Video Professor one and Bob Greene Diet and they both credited without a problem but that was last month so it may be a newer problem.


22-05-2007 05:13:54

I've heard a lot of people lately have had trouble with Video Professor crediting. I did Bob Greene and had no problem with it. you have to sign up for the Premium service to get credit for it.

Haven't tried the others...........



22-05-2007 08:44:18

I've tried all of these!! The one thing I found was to make sure I stayed on the confirmation page for at least 5 minutes. I have had no problem since then!!!


22-05-2007 18:16:47

Thanks, I instantly greened with Celladerm so I thought I was good and did another instant (unbelievable cream) but so far nothing... Guess I'm still jinxed.