Is it possible to search PMs ?

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21-05-2007 12:26:23

I would very much like to search my PMs by sender/receiver. Is this possible? And if so, how? And if not, it should be!



21-05-2007 18:36:43

Short of exporting (which is disabled), there is currently not a way to search. I agree, though, that it should be possible ... even a method of sorting by the Sender or Receiver would be pretty nice.

If a mod reads this ... how likely is it that something like that could be incorporated?


21-05-2007 19:27:21

I'm sure there's probably a phpBB mod out there to do this already, but we're up to our eyeballs in mods as it is. Given all the stuff we have planned for the forums in the (hopefully ) near future, I'm not sure that this one will make it in anytime soon, but we'll note it.


21-05-2007 19:33:13

Cool, cool. Soooo .... what kind of things should we be on the lookout for? D


21-05-2007 19:43:23

Can't really go into details at this point, we're still juggling ideas and some things might be dropped or pushed back. I'm slowly trying to clear the backlog of small requests so that I can dig into some of the meatier ones.


21-05-2007 20:16:50

I like meat. ;)


22-05-2007 03:03:27

Nice to hear of some new mods here! Keep up the good work!


22-05-2007 05:17:42

I agree that being able to find a PM by searching a username would be VERY helpful..........