Can I access this forum?

Live forum:


19-05-2007 17:57:37

can i access FIPG to any computers?? or would it considered be fraud? (

Because im starting school, and my break between classes are like an hour and i would like to spend this break the library BROWSING FIPG! )

pls let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i now got the phobia of checking sites that requires logging in, on a different computer other mine lol ... thanks to the FREEBIE SITES!


19-05-2007 18:09:55

I don't think it matters if you access FIPG forum from multiple PCs. However you do not want to access your freesite accounts from multiple PCs and or multiple locations. That will cause a possible duplicate IP address on the freesites. Which is a clear violation of all freesites TOS. You will go red.


19-05-2007 18:34:01

yes thats what I thought!!!!!!


19-05-2007 18:34:08