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Big War Bird

18-05-2007 07:55:23

Does anyone know of sites are open to and have lots of offers for the UK and EU. Of if there are sites that are dedicated to this market.



18-05-2007 08:20:20

I invite you to try a WhyPayItsFree site.

We offer upto $55 / referral which is the highest in the industry with the kind of offers we have.

Approvals generally done within 1 Business Day, Shipping of PayPal gifts generally within 7 Business Days, usually the same or next day after placing the order.

We use the best affiliates for great crediting and unique offers.

We also allow users to get extra referrals instead of doing an offer. You will need one extra referral, if unreferred and two extra referrals, if referred.


Posted Sun Apr 08, 2007 157 am Post subject No Icon WOW! $1,011 Received instantly from Reply with quote Report Post
I didn't even have to submit for approval as I was already approved almost instantly once I reached the required referral amount. Amazing customer support , I think every support ticket was answered in 2 minutes and once I submitted my order I was paid in 10 minutes. One of the best networks I have ever done , nothing but great feedback from me. Thank you whypayitsfree and to my referrals that helped.

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i know that one of my refs submitted a manual and it got credited in 2 days Very Happy pretty well i should say[/quotec9b8954ddb][quotec9b8954ddb]Ok, this is not a big payout (not yet) coz I just started doing this site. The good thing about this unique site is they payout as soon as 1 ref goes green, multiple cashout is allowed up to 100 refs Very Happy Support is awesome, approval & payout is fast and manual credits are given within 2-7 DAYS only (yes, not 2-7 weeks) Shocked

So if you want to get started working on this site, well you know what to do Wink[/quotec9b8954ddb]




And [bc9b8954ddb]Many More[/bc9b8954ddb] )


18-05-2007 10:13:39

wow very much thx !! )