PayPal verfication - foolproof?

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17-05-2007 15:08:01

Is it possible/likely to get scammed by someone who is PayPal verified?


17-05-2007 15:15:16

Yes. Anyone could scam you. It is less likely to happen if they are verified, but it can still happen.


17-05-2007 15:29:09

Any ideas for lessening risk if I want to pay on green?


17-05-2007 15:35:41

Do a search in the scammer section on interested traders before trading with them. That's what I do. Also, see what other traders say about them. If they are new, though, then you might just need to pay them on approval.


18-05-2007 18:55:18

If you don't want to have them wait for approval, have them wait 24-48 hours before you pay them. If you tell them this in advance and mention it's so you can make sure that they aren't a scammer, well most would be scammers will probably back out of the deal. This will also give you time to check them out more closely.


18-05-2007 20:37:49

Id trade with ppl that has 10TR or more but then again I took a chance with noobs coz I have to and no one else does referrals.... anything is possible!

sandra habina

18-05-2007 23:46:04

Yes it is possible. Unfortunately I know. But like said before it is less likely if their paypal is verified.


20-05-2007 15:38:57

[quote33523613c9="sandra habina"]Yes it is possible. Unfortunately I know. But like said before it is less likely if their paypal is verified.[/quote33523613c9]

Yes, me too...

If it is someone new, I always let them know that the site I'm working will pre approve them nearly instantly once they green, and I'm telling the truth...if they don't come back to you, it is obvious they are not legitimate, and afraid of that approval process. I've had most newbies agree to this without a problem.

The last person who went red on me had a respectable TR of 38 and paid me right back, but I never felt the need to have it pre approved, and this person was not verified. Got lucky.

Margot wink