1/3 and 1/4 and 1/2 credit offers. Any good 1 credit sites

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17-05-2007 11:33:00

I am a newbie and have been reading for days. My problem is that, it seems that all the sites that I go to are mainly dealing with 1/4 credit, and 1/3 credit, etc. Are there any good sites where you really only need to do 1 offer to get the credit, without paying a arm and a leg. For me it is extremely time consuming to find four different offers and read everything on them, the terms of agreement, etc to complete one offer?

Thanks to all for your help......


17-05-2007 12:18:21

You are going about this the wrong way. Many sites that give 1 credit for an offer are usually the expensive one's. You may be passing up good products and trials of things that may intrest you by limiting yourself to 1 credit offers.

My suggestion is take your time, select offers that interest you. Dont worry about how much credit you get, just have fun with it and you will be completing all kinds of interesting offers before you know it. Good luck.


17-05-2007 12:22:47

Credits are generally assigned by how much the site gets paid by the affiliate. Easy, free, or cheap offers aren't going to earn the site as much. And if the site doesn't earn money, neither do you.


17-05-2007 12:47:39

Both of the two people above me have pointed out really good things. But, most sites offer things that are 1 credit. If you are looking for some that have cheaper 1 credit offers, all Trainn sites, like DVDRecorders4free, have around 35 or so offers like that, and every offer on the original FreebieLife are also 1 credit.

/end promotion of 2 of my sites

But seriously ... sites that have smaller credit increments are not really bad ... they just make you try things you might otherwise overlook. And, as theinsider said, you could be missing out on fun offers by only sticking to the 1 credit ones. And skepticalcynic states why some offers are worth less credit than others.

I think my job is done here ... hope this helped a little )


17-05-2007 22:42:17

Hi, I am a newbie too and have just finished 5 referrals. I much prefer the 1/4 credit sites as the buy in is usually cheaper (1-2 dollars). More terms to read but less money and more choices. Good Luck to you, Teresa