question on approvals

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17-05-2007 05:42:42

I submitted an order for a site and one of my refs ended up going red. What about the other ones? Are the other ones approved since they're still green? Or would the site have stopped verifying when it got to the red one?

Does this make sense? I'm not sure really how to communicate what I'm asking...

(Plus I'm only on my first cup of coffee shock )


17-05-2007 05:50:04

Only the red is affected, your others are fine.

Margot D


17-05-2007 10:12:11

I wonder if it depends on the site. I had a trader go red on my $2 deal. They denied my gift. I got another green, submitted again, then 2 more of the original traders went red. It is almost like they stopped approving when that one went red, then when I got my referrals again, they start approving again.

Just my experience with one site. Luckily, I haven't had that many people go red on me at one time again.

P.S. Margot I'm definitely not arguing your point. Respect your opinion and all the wonderful advice you give to people (including me).. D