How do I report someone who has not fulfilled ?

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16-05-2007 19:03:31

I am new to this site and have actually Got my TR up to 7 in a few days. My question is this, after several e-mails I have come to the conclusion that one person I did go green for on 5/12 told me to wait until it's approved. They said it should be by sunday night. Well it's wed night 5/16 and I have tried to e-mail and have got no reply. Can I post somewhere to make other people aware that this has happened, so this member does not take advantage of other people.


16-05-2007 19:06:20

Have they read your messages? In any case, you should contact a mod first, before you post about this person.

And when getting paid on approval, it can sometimes take a little while ... but yeah, you will probably want to PM a mod if you are concerned.

Hope it works itself out.


16-05-2007 22:20:54

Maybe the person cant pm you back becouse pm has been disabled for a while (spamming). And Offer is not approved yet. This person hasnt screwed anyone over and does not intend to. You just need to be patient like everyone else. "should be sunday night" was the message. Everyone who trades here knows they cant control who greens, and who takes their time to green. The offer has not been approved yet, but hopefully it will be soon. So please stop sending me harsh and threatening messages as it will only agrivate me. I am doing my best. Its not that easy to get greens now a days. Sorry for any inconveinences this may have caused you. But you just need to be patient. You are not the only one waiting to be paid.


16-05-2007 22:38:05

Petieroman is reliable. He was one of my first trades. Took awhile to get paid since I agreed to be paid on approval. But he did pay me for both sites I signed up on. 8) [/colorde5043ceea]


17-05-2007 05:37:48

I had a situation last week where I submitted for approval and according to the site it should have taken one day - it ended taking almost 4 days for the site to approve.

Be patient!
There are not enough people willing to go green for established traders to screw over the ones they do get.


23-05-2007 05:35:02

yes I get it all the time. Approval just takes time. If he gets a red and has to replace it, it will take even longer. Noone likes to wait for approval but with all the scamming as of late it has become the only way to saflty do buissness


23-05-2007 09:09:59

hi im new i did offers for two people i didnt get credited i dont know why because i sure got charge for the offers now both parties wont write me back it has been several days now dont know what to do


23-05-2007 09:27:38

[quote63b49b226d="deebird"]hi im new i did offers for two people i didnt get credited i dont know why because i sure got charge for the offers now both parties wont write me back it has been several days now dont know what to do[/quote63b49b226d]

A. This has nothing to do with this thread - you should have used "New Topic" to ask your question.

B. Offers not crediting has been addressed over and over here - did you use "Search" and read what has already been written first??

C. That said - getting charged doesn't mean you will get site credit. Did you clear your cookies, set security levels, etc. first??

D. Who won't write back to you?? The traders, the sites, ???????

If you have your confirmation emails (make sure to save them), you can file missing credit requests with the sites, usually after 7 days.

Do some reading here to become more familiar with the way this works, and then feel free to ask if you need help with things.



23-05-2007 09:39:22

wow that was harsh.


23-05-2007 10:42:37

lol, I was reading that then saw the next post. I was already lmao. laurelwm are you OK. (Fred)


23-05-2007 19:07:15

Sorry, long week. I'm not trying to be harsh. I really do enjoy helping people, but lately it seems like a lot of the newbies don't even bother to read anything.............

deebird - my appologies for jumping on you for your error. If you need any help, I would be more than happy to help you get started. I really am a nice person...............'



23-05-2007 19:08:43

I will vouch that she is a nice person ... she seems to catch a lot of the people when I'm not around, and vice versa.


23-05-2007 19:13:32

Thanks, bunnyman. I really needed that today.........



23-05-2007 19:21:08

we all have bad weeks lihugglesli


18-06-2007 23:29:51

wow that was interesting posts and thnks for the info.. i dont know alot of u but hopefully will sometime,and hope this toughness goes away or i will and i have good people already that i know and they know very down to earth and i do get things done so plse keep posting so i know what to expect and hope all our neewbees dont get fustrated with this, cause i know its hard.. thnks for everyones support.......mike