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16-05-2007 18:07:02

How many trades do we have to do or should do before we start working on getting ref. to do the sites themselves..Also can you only do a site one time...Can you get say 2 laptops from one site or is it one prize per site.
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16-05-2007 18:34:45

Hi and welcome!

It's usually only 1 prize per site, though several do have custom cash payouts where you can complete requirements again (sometimes up to a certain amt only...ex$599) You'd have to check each site's TOS to make sure...never sign up to a site more than once as a new user, however...that is considered fraud.

On this forum, you need a TR of 4 before you can trade with another user who has a TR of less than 4 (if you want to receive more TR from the trade, that is)

I personally did around 10 trades with established, trusted users for cash...I made about $200 that first weekend then took that money and what offers I had available to do "green 4 green" trades.

I would suggest working 1 site at a time...and really consider the sites you are greening on...stop and do some research so you are greening on the sites you particularly WANT to complete, rather than blindly signing up for sites/offers just for the paypal D

PM me if you need any more help or explanations...I'm usually on here at least a few times a day...You can AIM me as well.

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16-05-2007 18:53:12

couple things. u can ALWAYS trade with someone with TR < 4 if yours is < 4. The reason you do not get TR for it is that it is easy to create an account and make up a trade with someone. It is also frowned upon because trading with a noob when u are a noob is risky b/c u can be scammed easily.
I recommend staying organized. get a spread sheet or word document and keep track of information like
# of trade (so your second trade would be 2
trader email
date of sign up
date of offer completion
site/$ traded for
site referral link of new signup
offer completed
lilili anything else you want
I add date of trial ending in case I do not want to continue the trial or in case I want to add more, like with netflix.
I also paste in the TOS of the offer I do.

As for how many at a time I would approach things by asking yourself these questions
1. do I want a prize from a site or cash
2. do I want to finish a site or just get cash from other people
3. what sites are popular and have good offer credit ratios - for example you may be able to get more credit on a trainn site with an offer than elsewhere
4. who are trustworthy traders?

I highly recommend that u first start trading with people with higher TRs. it is easy to sign up for a site for cash to get started. remember you can sign up for a site, do an offer and never try to complete that site.

the end result should be that you can make money and get items and that usually after a few site completions u will be paying for trial offers and signups with money that u get from free sites )

feel free to pm me with questions. i have some easy sites i need and check out my thread if u wish.
welcome to the forum!


17-05-2007 04:51:53

Hi, and Welcome !!!

What I have usually recommended is this -

After reading and re-reading everything to be sure you understand, do 5-6 sites for $$, both to get some working cash and to have some sites.

Then, use 2-3 of those sites and trade green for green for another 10-15 trades. This will get your TR up to a respectable level and should complete at least one of the original sites.

From there on out, it is a balance of paying for greens and trading green for green (as able).

I usually work 3-5 sites at a time, as not everyone will be able to do the first one you ask for. Keep detailed records of EVERYTHING !!! Soon, you'll really be rolling, and will end up being one of the well-established traders around here and everyone will ask your advice........

Best Wishes,


17-05-2007 05:26:54

So many people here with great info!! Us newbies really appreciate how helpful you are when we are just trying to understand what is going on!!!