How long is a little while?

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16-05-2007 11:31:04

I completed a trade for someone and they are waiting for approval. I have greened on the site. This was April 23rd. I pm'd and they said I'd get paid in a little while. They were almost done. I don't want to get them into trouble, but would like an answer to my pm's.

Any suggestions?


16-05-2007 11:37:19

Just keep asking for updates (and screenshots if need-be). Right now it's hard to find referrals, so those that are waiting to get paid on approval (and those that are waiting to get paid through those sites so as to pay on approval) have to wait longer than usual because of the disproportionate amount of people who need greens and people who can green.


16-05-2007 12:57:25

Another thing to keep in mind - not every site pays as soon as you are approved. Some only pay on the 15th of the month. Give it a little longer.


16-05-2007 13:23:28

I agree, each site is different. I work with OGF and have been approved and paid nearly instantly, while git-r-free approves quickly, when an order is submitted, yet can take up to 30 days to deliver a paypal prize.

Margot wink


16-05-2007 13:40:08

Weebles - you are clearly not from the South. Down here, "a little while" could be five hours or five weeks. And if someone says "see you in a minute" that could mean next week.

I just wanted to lighten the mood for you - just keep bugging the person asking for updates. It's about all you can do.


16-05-2007 13:49:28

I have a site that approves and pays only on the 20th of the month. I have people that greened for me over a month ago. So, a little while could be longer than any of us bargained for. Hang in there, it will happen D


16-05-2007 14:44:57

Thanks for all the info...I was just curious.

And.....I'm from the North, like by Brainerd, like ya know "Fargo"!! LOL ya fer shur