doesnt allow me to go on my site, says error clear cookies

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16-05-2007 03:17:48

i am getting an error on laptops.yourgiftsfree

and another site

they say error, and some facny lettering, it also says, clear your cookies if you cannot view this page

so what is going on, somebody please help, i cleared my cookies and restarted my pc and cleared them again,

get back to me please


16-05-2007 04:05:44


All you should need to do is clear your cookies and files, and resart your computer.

If that does not work, contact the sites admin from the FIPG forum guide section, and they will help you.

Also, you must know how to clear cookies/files properly to get this to work, so if you are me, and I will help.

Good Luck, and hope you get things worked out.

Margot D


19-05-2007 10:14:57

To add to Margot's post, you may also want to search your computer for folders named "cookies"- sometimes cookies like to hide in folders that clearing your cookies through the browser doesn't get rid of. Good luck! )