Is primodinero repeatable?

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15-05-2007 18:42:43

I hope so, because I have someone who is slow to green, and if I ge one more I can cash out...bu I would have this exta ref hanging out.


15-05-2007 18:55:52

I'm under the understanding that you can only do the primodinero site once.(


15-05-2007 18:57:25


thanks tho. +kma


15-05-2007 20:42:03

I asked Primo Dinero and you can only do it once. (


16-05-2007 07:02:16

thats one of the draw backs. You have to decide, is it worth waiting for or do I get another ref. and just pay? We all run into this. Thats one reason most of us have several sites were working on at any given time. You just have to be sure the one your waiting on is really trying to get that green for you or has given up.