Internet Booster, which is the best one ??

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15-05-2007 16:51:39

what do u guys use? what is the popular one?


15-05-2007 18:54:42

Do you mean like Earthlink's Internet Accelerator? Those things don't actually make the internet go faster. The only solution is to get a better connection. If you're talking like a download accelerator, which opens multiple connection for one download, I use Download Accelerator Plus.


15-05-2007 20:31:18

THERE IS NO Internet booster.. dont believe in those crap...

just make sure your Comp specs are all riced up.... your Videocard should be up to date, processesor, you should have at least 100gb by now


16-05-2007 17:28:06

The only thing that makes the internet go ""faster" is your connection. Are you still using a 56k modem? Consider upgrading to dsl or cable for faster speeds.