E-mail address question

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15-05-2007 16:28:16

If I sign up at a WPIF or YGF.com or any of those sites with my WORK email address then do an offer on that website with my HOME email address, will i still get credit? I'm only asking b/c I did this on WPIF not thinking that it would matter but I still haven't received credit and thought that may be why. I did clear my cookies, etc. so I don't think that's it. My offer was supposed to be instant and it's been 3 days.



15-05-2007 17:29:01

When you signup, you enter an email address. This is the address the site will use for contact. Please read the TOs of the site - since you are using multiple computers and IP address, you could have a problem. Best to open a support ticket at the site.

Hope this helps!


15-05-2007 17:33:02

May we know what offer was it? You should do what aharley said and contact the site in question about the use of different emails. Just keep in mind that some offers have a history of not crediting (or at least taking a long time to credit), regardless of what it tells you.


15-05-2007 18:35:03

Thanks, the site was Whypayitsfree and the offer was Video Professor. I did open a support ticket showing the email confirm (with headers) from Video Professor and explained the e-mail. That was a few hours ago. How long does it usually take to hear back?


15-05-2007 21:03:01

They should respond to you within 24 hours ... however, missing credit reports can't be filed until 7 days after they should have credited. Once filed, though, they are sent to the affiliates, who will then look into it ... this can be quick, or it could take a while (a couple days or even weeks). This process is not anything the sites can control, though.

Hope that helps.


15-05-2007 22:34:09

make sure you only use the same computer when doing OFFERS and when working on a site... otherwise they would think you have multiple accounts and consider it as fraud, and the chance the youll be banned!


18-05-2007 20:27:38

I know that 123StuffForFree sites specifically require you to use the sam email for your offers as you do for your accounts. They'll put you on hold if you dont. Other sites may not care, but its not a good practice, as you would probably have trouble getting manual credit if you needed to.

I have accidentaly done offers with my gmail address, when I signed up for the site with my hotmaill address, but it wasn't an issue since I got instant credit anyways.