V-bux!!! what is wrong with it?

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15-05-2007 14:38:52

ok, i log in sunday, and it says that i have 7 refs completed. i count the greens, and what do you know? there are 8 DONE!

ok, then i open a support ticket to ask

today, i log in, 2 more greened. so i should be able to place my order. OBVIOUSLY not....cause only 9 show up as done

ok, now, i get an answer from the support, it took them 2 days, and here's what they replied

Hi Codruta,

Our records show that you have 10 completed, or "green", referrals. If the problem persists, please reply to this ticket so that I may alert a senior support technician to your issue.

V-Bux Support

Ok, what the hell? i even gave them a SCREENSHOT of the thing. why do they have to make me wait ANOTHER 2-3 days to fix this??

sorry, i am VERY pissed off.

any help? i am sure its a bug, but did something like this happen to you?

do the have AIM???


15-05-2007 18:45:33

Someone? comme on guys i really need help (


15-05-2007 18:49:29

I honestly have no idea. I only know that it's a pain in the patookis to go green (


16-05-2007 05:10:44

Did you try calling them perhaps?



16-05-2007 08:27:07

thanks ) just tried to call them but obviously no one can take the call



16-05-2007 18:46:29

This actually happened to me on the sony.v-bux site...I too opened a support ticket, but it was never answered (after 3 days)...I was just about to open a 2nd ticket to highlight the 1st when the problem fixed itself. I don't know how or why, but it did. I gave up on those sites long before getting that many refs...I cashed them ALL out the same day (1 for as low as $100). Too many problems and I found it really hard for my referrals to get credit for greens. -I'm a trainn girl )

-Hope your glitch fixes itself too...lol


16-05-2007 19:34:47

yep they did...after 3 support tickets, a pm and an email. even tried to phone them and left a message

D thanks guys

GetStuff4Free Admin

21-05-2007 09:39:16

i dont like v-bux

1. I didnt get the credit.
2. They cancelled my account and I dont know why.


22-05-2007 13:19:23

V-bux sucks!!!

I finally just gave up and cashed out the dell one at $200.

The others I have no money into -- so I can cae less about them.

Plus they never answer support questions for me.


23-05-2007 04:49:58

That's strange, because I have had lots of sucess with the v-bux sites and customer support (other than missing credits) has always been great. They have always answered me promptly (within 24 hrs) and have been very flexible in allowing me to put the credit for a referral that went red on a different site when he cleared up his problem.

I only wish they let you do them more than once...........