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15-05-2007 09:21:05

I have a trade setup in my trade module which has been complete. Meaning the person trading with me has gone green and I have paid them. I have selected "Request TR" on my side. However, they still show a status on there side of "GONE GREEN". I have PMed this person a couple of times to change the status on there side and they have yet to do it. I know that the green is legitimate because I have been approved on the site that the trade was set up for. How can I get the TR for this trade?



15-05-2007 09:50:02

I have the same problem. I dont think there is anything we can do about it. Just be persistent and hope the other user does the same on his end of the trade. Sorry, wish I had better news.


15-05-2007 11:10:39

It's unfortunate, but there really is little, if anything you can do get get that TR, other than to keep trying to contact him or her about it. The rules state the conditions to receive TR, what you do with the feedback, etc., but not how to get it from the trader.

Have you checked your trader's profile page? This may give you some possible indications why they have not have contacted you. Sometimes there are external reasons why they have not contacted you. Maybe they have been banned; Maybe they are a complete newbie and are not fully aware. the list is endless.

In the end, however, your only option is to try to reestablish contact. Have patience.