put on hold?multiple accounts?

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12-05-2007 18:14:38

i was put on hold for having multiple accounts at cashcustomorder.com.but i only made one profile with them so what do they mean multiple accounts?....any suggestions???????


12-05-2007 18:25:20

Well, that means something about your info matched another account. IP address, e-mail address, address or phone, etc. Submit a support ticket or e-mail and ask about it.


12-05-2007 19:30:59

Did you do offers under your account on multiple computers? Are you using dial-up? Are you using a proxy? All three of those are generally likely options as well, especially the first one.


12-05-2007 20:18:47

Also, I would like to throw out there, that using AOL will result in multiple account most likely, as it is a proxy...


12-05-2007 20:56:47

Hi there,

Isn't it also possible to have this issue occur if another person in the household is using the same computer and logging onto sites?

No matter what, the best way to find out is to put in a support ticket, and they will explain what has occured on their end, and it will shed light on the situation for you, as dmorris68 stated.

Godd luck! And much success here! D

Margot wink