Question about dell.v-bux offers not crediting!

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12-05-2007 04:07:57

When I joined dell.v-bux I had 2 offers that didn't credit.
I did not put in ticket for non credit I just did more.
I have 2 referrals that have submitted tickets and has been
about 2 weeks.
Has anybody else had this problem?
If so, how long before you got credit, or did you even get credit?


12-05-2007 08:24:58

Well, the reason you or them probably didn't get credit is because of your cookies, and possibly firewalls. If you need to know how to do that, let us know, but I believe you do.

And about the credit request, that has NOTHING to do wil V-Bux. All they can do is send it to their affiliate, and wait just like you. The process usual takes about 2 - 4 weeks, but can take up to 3 months or so...


12-05-2007 09:22:58

i got credit for an offer i did back in later January and it credit early March P

GetStuff4Free Admin

14-05-2007 16:47:23

I had the same problem, I gave up on v-bux sites. They are horrible doing crediting.


14-05-2007 17:12:55

Crediting on the V-bux sites is a bit of an issue, but not enough to stay away from their sites. Some offers are just a pain...

My referrals never did get credit for manual credit requests....


14-05-2007 19:30:01

Manual requests never come through. They have the worst crediting of any network currently online. About one third of the offers I did actually got credited.


14-05-2007 20:25:47

ugh...24 yellows...oh no, 25

nd 8 greens. i think 7 redid another offer to green for me (


15-05-2007 01:41:58

Thanks everyone, for your replies.
It does seem as though they have a history of non credits.
Makes you wonder if they don't do it on purpose so they get paid for more offers.


15-05-2007 05:03:35

Makes you wonder if they don't do it on purpose so they get paid for more offers.[/quoted8b46f3d55]

I doubt that, although their manual credit process doesn't seem to work as well as some of the others.

But I have done Apple, Sony, Dell, and Logitech, and am working on Bose now - because I like the higher payouts. And customer service (other than missing credits) has been [bd8b46f3d55]fantastic[/bd8b46f3d55].

The worst sites I've come across for manual credits is a tie between OrderCash4Free and FreePay, which are both horrible.



15-05-2007 12:34:33

customer service takes days to answer

and the only answer they got is thank you for being patient, there's nothing we can do. for credits that is

and now i have 10 refs done on bose, only 9 are counted in the status bar???? ? what the hell??