I think I'm having a cookie problem with IE

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11-05-2007 09:26:41

Bear with me its a lenghty rant.

Preamble IE 7 on XP pro

Chapter 1. OK, I signed up and did an offer (Gmoney) on Trainn the other day. Afterwards I checked my Temp Internet files, and NO COOKIES?! stun

Chapter 2. I double checked my setting, and yes, I was accpting all cookies, but there was no cookie files to be found. I figured that I would never get credit for this offer, but It did end up crediting about an hour later.

Chapter 3. Then the following day I went to signup for an 123 site, and I double checked the cookie thing first. This time I could log in, and the site cookie shoed up plain as day. OK, problem solved. I did the 123 site and everything is good.

Chapter 4. Signed up for another trainn site and did another offer (Grant Mentor). Later I realized that ther were NO COOKIES AGAIN !@%li. BTW, I still havent received credit for this one.

Chapter 5. Now I'm perplexed. I went back to the 123 site that had succesfully created cookie files appear, and now I can't get a cookie to show up with that site either. I have no firewall on, no antivirus on, all browser settings correct. No reason why I shouldn't see these damn cookie file. Can the cookie files be going somewhere else other than the Temporary Internet Files folder? I've been completing offers and getting istant credit for quite a while now, and I have always monitored my cookies while I did it. This is the first time I've encountered this problem.


11-05-2007 09:31:35

I recently switched from IE to firefox, I've had problems with IE in the past and now that i've switched to FF, every offer i've done has credited.

If you're set to accept cookies and don't have a firewall blocking stuff you should be OK even if you don't see the cookies?? They very well could be hidden or something along those lines.


11-05-2007 09:42:49

I had thought of that. I need to check again for hidden files.


11-05-2007 22:20:00

Try reinstalling (install IE7, then uninstall it...)