Anyone know the custom order protocol for *most sites*?

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11-05-2007 05:31:19

I realize that it's probably site specific, but I'm thinking of doing some custom ordering and not really sure how to go about it. So, I'm hoping some of you can point me in the right direction.
Which network is best for custom orders?
Do(es) the item(s) have to be online purchased only?
Can ANY item be custom ordered?
Do I submit a support ticket with page links to the item(s) I want?

I'm thinking of custom ordering one of those temp summer pools for my kids...and possibly a trampoline mat. Both are really heavy items though and I wasn't sure if they'd ship something like that.

Any help from custom order vets would be much appreciated (with Karma)


Big War Bird

11-05-2007 06:05:09

I reccommend doing a custom order for cash and them just go buy what you want yourself. That's safer and quicker anyway.


11-05-2007 06:36:19

Yeah...that's no doubt true...I just tend to spend "cash" on more important things and I guess I was a little enchanted at getting something tangible for "free"


11-05-2007 06:45:07

YGF (YourGiftsFree) sites are great for custom ordering. I'd look into them.


11-05-2007 07:23:58

well, you can basically custom order that for every site that offers that option. so yes, you submit links to the product...and just ask!


11-05-2007 22:08:50

If you're worried about spending it too quickly you can opt to custom order some kind of gift card. Also doing the 2dollardeal sites might be good for you with their gift card choices.


11-05-2007 22:16:01

I usually contact the site admin (or just use the contact button)