Did offer for somebody on approval: how much time do I wait

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10-05-2007 00:18:17

When I first started two months ago I did three offers on approval. One of them has paid me. Another one is working hard (I looked up his/her posts) trying to finish a site. I'm not too worried about that, but it has been 60+ days.

The last one doesn't have any posts on the site in over 30 days. I don't think they log on here anymore. Is there anything that can be done?

Do I just accept that they gave up and move on with life or should I sign up for yahoo messenger (I'm not currently signed up but they have an address in their profile) and see if they ever log in their to ask them to pay me the $20.

What has others done?


10-05-2007 02:41:12

If you agree to wait until approval, then you are kind of stuck to agreeing with that. You can request status updates, or possibly work out a new agreement, but in the end, if it is clearly stated in the trade module, you will have to wait.

Talk with the person who still logs in and is working on their site; maybe they could alter your payment plan.

As to the other person, if they haven't logged in, then they might have given up. You could try alternative means of contacting them, but they really might not care anymore. But it never hurts to try shrug.


10-05-2007 09:27:43

I have 7 people that have waited about 4 weeks now for a site that I am waiting on. Can seem like forever, but hang in there. BTW, thanks to my 7 for their tremendous patience. Hopefully, not much longer D


10-05-2007 09:31:10

Yup some guy on Anything4Free kind of tricked me when i was new, made be his ref and then i ended up finding out that he needed 16 refs and the site was Plasmas4free.com or notebooks4free.com anyways to cut the chase short this was on Janurary 3rd and those sites are nearly impossible to finish so 3 months later i find out he has not finish the site, so what i did i contacted support and told them to have my ref romved from that user, Try that it should work depending on the site wink