Merchandise question

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09-05-2007 17:01:44

When signing up and completing freesites I have always chosen the paypal cash as a gift. If you choose some merchandise (ipod, flatscreen, gaming system etc.) as your gift and you complete the site. When your gift is sent to you, what happens if the gift doesn't work? I read in some sites TOS that they are not responsible for damaged goods that they ship out. I understand if the product gets damaged due to poor handling while being shipped. But has anybody gotten there gift and have it be DOA or have some other defect? What do you do?


10-05-2007 13:14:57

I've always taken cash.... If you want the item, check eBay or amazon and see how cheap you can get it. Sometimes you can take the cash and still buy cheaper on the other site. Then that site will have insurance or policies for DOA.

Big War Bird

10-05-2007 14:12:03

I say take the cash in most cases. A TV is pretty easy break in the back of a UPS van.


10-05-2007 14:36:18

Money talks...