what am I doing wrong??

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09-05-2007 16:29:18

I am a total newbie when it comes to people greening for me. I have these offers going and I posted them in the trading post, but nobody answered when I offered to pay half on green and half on approval. Somebody told me that wasn't a good idea so I made it on approval until I got one done and then I could pay on green. Then somebody told me that I wasn't paying enough, so I raised the amount i would pay. I haven't had one person pm me about doing a site for me. is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just that people don't like to wait for approval so until I can pay them on green I'm screwed?

Big War Bird

09-05-2007 16:45:02

Here is what you are doing right
Your dollar offers are pretty good, certainly well above average

Here is what you could do better
Provide more information. You should have either have links to the to the sponsor offer list or even post the list on the page.

Here are the factors working against you
At this point you have to be willing to trade referrals. Your TR says to me that there are still many sponsor offers that you can do at a reasonable cost.

Paying on approval is a distinct handicap. I pay on approval in certain situations and it still costs me trading opportunities at a 60 TR. Its even harder for you.


09-05-2007 16:51:43

It's probably nothing you are doing wrong, I would say it is your TR. There are a lot of scammers these days, so people are trying to be careful on who they deal with. I don't think that it is a good idea to pay on green. I have had 10 people go red within the last two weeks. If I had paid them all on green, then I would have a negative balance.
You could consider doing green for green trades. This will help you get your gifts and a better TR. Also trading takes time, it takes me around a month to complete a site. So just hang in there and keep bumping your post, somebody will notice your hard work!


09-05-2007 17:16:09

I've pretty much given up on bumping my trade thread simply because I haven't had any response to it. I've had much more luck being in the right place at the right time. I watch the trade thread and wait until someone is looking for something I can give them. I also decided I needed to be a little more flexible. I didn't want to do any more sites, but I've gotten a few trades only because I've been willing to trade greens or some combination of cash and greens.

My advice - for what it's worth pay attention to what's going on, be flexible, and be very quick to respond to people.


09-05-2007 21:32:02

Things don't happen overnight nothing is easy. I would try to make an effort always, improve, compare, build TR as quickly & think of effective ways long term, not to pay too much or too little but enough to get referral interested, but not to give up without trying.


09-05-2007 21:41:34

Build up your TR wink


10-05-2007 07:04:48

As others have said, when I started doing this I couldn't get many greens either.... once my TR was up to around 15-20, it became much easier. Try trading greens...... great way to build your TR plus you get want you want and that is a green on your site. Hang in there, the more trades you get under your belt, the more friends/relationships you will build on this site, the much easier it becomes.


10-05-2007 07:15:44

I'm having the same problem and I'm paying on green. I'm doing 2 of the 123.stuffforfree sites, cameras and ipods. But, when I get a green I send an aim message to stuffforfree support and check it. I have had one so far come back with a temp hold and then I pm'd him and explained what he could do to remove the hold and then I would send his payment. He hasn't went off hold yet and this makes the second day. Most people I see are only paying around $18 for any of the 123.stuffforfree sites. Its a low payout, 7 referrals get you $250 and the offers are very easy, or they were for me. Is this to small of a payment for green? I'm not getting hardly any replys to my post here. I have had only a couple replys on A4F.



10-05-2007 07:52:15

You also have to understand that there are a lot more people looking for greens than there are people willing to go green. You will not get the great response you probably got used to when you were doing greens for others. Also always try to improve your post to draw people to it. It is advertising and usually the best ads win.