GRRR! Tradejackers SUCK

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09-05-2007 12:51:43

I have had TWO refs now pm me saying "oh I already did that site" or "I can't do those offers"

Guess what? Someone offered them more AFTER the trade was accepted so these people came up with bs excuses. After confronting them, they agreed that was what happened. One of them even had told the other person that they were already in a trade for that site, but the other trader told them that if they hadn't signed up it was ok to cancel and go under THEM instead.

Just plain damn RUDE.



09-05-2007 12:55:36

Man..that sucks, I haven't encountered the evil tradejackers. Sorry for your lost refs (


09-05-2007 12:56:32

I guess I should have posted this in off topic..lishrugli


09-05-2007 13:15:12

You put it very nicely saying "rude". I can't stand bidding wars or tradejackers...


09-05-2007 13:16:26

I'm feeling quite snarky today...I needed to check myself before getting out of hand )


09-05-2007 13:23:30

"Snarky" that in Websters ? Sounds like a word I might like...


09-05-2007 13:28:46

it certainly is )


09-05-2007 13:31:12

Are you kidding me! How unprofessional and shouldn't these people fall under pm spamming? I know how you feel though. I submitted for my gift last night on an ordergiftsfree site and 2/3 went red. What the hell, is all the new refs scammers now. I have had 10 reds in the last two weeks. One got me for $20 and another got me on a green for green trade. Told me that it was a mistake and if there was another site that he could do for me. Not quite sure yet but I think he did the same offer that he went red on for the other site. The guy with the ref is even a reputable trader. I gave him the benefit of the doubt since he had such a good TR.


09-05-2007 13:45:43

There's a user who I'm not going to mention has done the same to me ( I think he knows who he is


09-05-2007 15:25:17

Several people have done this to me before, and I can't stand it. People need to learn to get their own people...


09-05-2007 15:38:38

I got trade-jacked 2 or 3 times over the weekend. Aggravating - but what can you do...?

Big War Bird

09-05-2007 16:01:24

[quote60c9dd847d="skepticalcynic"]I got trade-jacked 2 or 3 times over the weekend. Aggravating - but what can you do...?[/quote60c9dd847d]

Witch Hunt!


09-05-2007 16:03:36

[quotece2e23a34a="Big War Bird"][quotece2e23a34a="skepticalcynic"]I got trade-jacked 2 or 3 times over the weekend. Aggravating - but what can you do...?[/quotece2e23a34a]

Witch Hunt![/quotece2e23a34a]

complete with torches and pitchforks?


09-05-2007 16:06:52

It's too bad there are people out there without a consience. I think there's an unwritten honor code that you don't steal other people's refs right out from under them. It's hard enough getting good refs without having to worry about getting trade-jacked (perfect term, BTW). Sorry it happened to you ( !!

sandra habina

09-05-2007 20:03:02

So sorry Tinkerjenn, I love the excuses they come up with though.
Hang in there girl - you will get some good referrals. What goes around- comes around, and the tradejackers will get theirs.


10-05-2007 03:54:55

i just have to put my 2cents worth in here lol... i am new and i have to tell you that anytime i have told anyone in here that i already have a trade going with someone else... they have respected that and backed off... i have a high opinion of this site and the people i have run into... its hard to get ref's to finish a site but i have not given up and neither should you... there should be a spot on here for the traders that feel they need to tradejack and we as a community should not do business with them.... just my 2 cents -)

dependable -)


10-05-2007 13:12:39

I have had the same happen to me, one got his pay though, he didn't do any referrals under me, but did sign up and then went red for whoever because they showed up red on my side for multiple accounts, I assume when the other tried getting approved. D