my latest bogus CC charge...

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09-05-2007 11:21:20

just got charged $80+ under the name CJWHOLDINGS. called the phone # and it says it's ExtremeLeanRX hoodia something. it just refers you to their website which won't even load.
i haven't done offers in months, but i'm sure it's connected. about 2-3 months ago me and a few others on a4f were charged for some tooth-whitening product we'd never heard of (UltraSmile or something?). i also had another charge soon after for somethign else. in those two cases you would call the phone number and it'd say "please enter your CC #" after which it'd say "you've been refunded", just like that. no CS at all. nothing that even says what it's for.
i'm sure these are all related and i can't believe this company gets away with it. you might wanna check your cards tho.


09-05-2007 11:27:12

My motto...don't do any offer with the text "RX" in it. and that whitening offer was a scam too.


09-05-2007 11:28:17

i did the whitening offer never got credit nor product x oh well


09-05-2007 11:33:12

i looked through my records. th eother charge was DreamSmile. it wasn't an offer anywhere, but i'm sure it's just owned by the same compnay as one of the offers.

searching on BBB, they operate WhiteOverNite, Time Factor, Celebrity Fit Club, Cheat and Eat Diet, and many others i haven't heard of.


stay away from those offers!


09-05-2007 11:33:47

i think i have Celebrity Fit Club on my site. i'm gonna pull it immediately...

oh, guess i don't...


09-05-2007 12:33:56

crap. I just did celebrity fit club (