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09-05-2007 11:00:57

Where do people post vacation notices, etc.?


09-05-2007 11:06:34

scammers forum.


09-05-2007 11:33:01



09-05-2007 17:33:09

Although why I couldn't tell you............


09-05-2007 17:54:27

Because if someone is about to accuse someone of not communicating, or running away with their money, they'll go to the Scammers forum. Then, they'll see the thread there, and know the person is away.


09-05-2007 19:11:02


Makes sense to me in a weird, round-a-bout way

sandra habina

09-05-2007 20:05:42

Yes I agree Jenn - you think we could have a vacation section just so people could check if they have not heard from someone, but I guess scammers works. LOL


10-05-2007 07:06:31

The reason I asked is not because I'm going on vacation, but because there are people about 30 miles from me who are being evacuated due to the spreading wildfires in this area. With the fires continuing to push south from Georgia, 30 miles is not that far away. And of course, I live in the middle of the woods ? In any case, if we are called to evacuate, I'm not going to take the time to get on FIPG to let everyone know. So I thought I might post a "just in case" notice. Any thoughts?


10-05-2007 07:11:16

Please tell me St. Augustine isn't anywhere near that area. I'm going there in 2 weeks


10-05-2007 07:16:48

St. Augustine is fine as far as I know. The area in the north that's already been evacuated is west of Jacksonville. Jacksonville will have to be cleared long before St. Augustine has anything to worry about and if that happens it'll be national news, I'm sure...


10-05-2007 07:56:55

Wow! I thought you were joking when you said post vacations in the scammers forum! I guess not.