Honest Newbie Mistake - No more help needed

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08-05-2007 18:53:45

Just wondering what causes a person who clicks on my link (correct link, I have checked it 3 times) in the trade module and signs up immediately after clicking the link, doesn't show up under me on the site? I have a trader that this has happened with and they believe they have followed through with their end of the trade and that they should be paid, but they are not under me on the site. I know TRAINN will not change it, but does anyone know if 123stuff4free would? Any help on this issue would be great.

UPDATEliliThis turned out to be just a newbie mistake. [/color9dc6321304] [/size9dc6321304]


08-05-2007 18:57:05

did they do an offer? i don't know about 123, but whypayitsfree has no probls in changing it

and as long as he didn't do an offer, neither do ZPT or ordergifts


08-05-2007 19:01:06

If they click on the "Offers" tab, and go back, they are no longer your referral. Happens quite often.


08-05-2007 19:09:22

Yes they did do an offer and claims that they have gone green and they are demanding payment. I feel that if the link I put in the trade module is correct than this is not my fault. I will ask the trader if they clicked on the offers tab first. Thanks so much +Karma for both of you. I appreciate both responses.


08-05-2007 19:42:37

Well guys, I guess this response from the site explains everything, I have copied my question and their response for you to read

On 05/08/07 at 0837 PM CDT, you wrote
I provided the correct referral link for this trader to sign up under but they are not showing up. lililililililililililili Can you tell me what could have happened to cause this before I try to have others sign up. Thanks!!

On 05/08/07 at 0923 PM CDT, Admin Dave wrote
She registered last Wednesday (May 2nd) under user #21435. Using someone else's link to get to our site after signing up does not change the referral information.

Wow, I was feeling horrible about the whole thing and now I find out that this person has already signed up on this site for someone else. I feel much better now. I must add that 123.stuffforfree has the very best support I have ever dealt with. Thanks Dave!!!