going forward with the next step

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07-05-2007 07:40:52

Hi Everyone,
now that i have some greening experience i would like to take this to the next level trading for money or trading for green to try and earn my own rewards. i am looking for some advice/tips before i actually post in the trading post.


07-05-2007 08:46:22

If you want green for green i might be able to help you out


07-05-2007 10:11:03

One thing I have learned is to read through some of the other offers to see what the going rate is for a site before posting your own offer for cash. Also, evaluate the cost of someone going green on your site to determine if you are paying enough to at least cover it.

Try to be clear in your topic/post as to what you want - buying, selling, trading greens.

Good Luck! And Happy Trading!


07-05-2007 13:15:08

thats great advice! ty ... i have tried an easy one wont pay much for me but at least i will get to try out referral links and paying ppl through pay pal... i hope anyway
wish me luck -)


07-05-2007 14:40:59

Yeah, that's good too - start with a small/easy one so if you mess it up any, it's not that big a deal. Practice makes perfect )