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07-05-2007 06:34:26

Does anyone have the website or contact info for this offer? I never got the trial, and now they have charged me almost $200

i did the offer on ultimatefreebies, but it's blocked from work


07-05-2007 11:03:42

Hi, I can help. Here is my story. I called to clilicel my trial and I got a recording that said leave your name, phone#, and e-mail adress. You have to say it 2 times when you call. The recording say's you will recieve an e-mail with confirmation. I called thursday. I recieved NO confirmation. I called today and during the recording they give a # to call if you want to make a purchase. I called that # and someone picked up. I told them I want confirmation of my canclilled order and they said they never got the message but would take care of it right away. After about 30 seconds I got a confirmation # for my cancellied order.

lililiCALL THIS # 404-477-2105lilili
Someone will answer and be able to help.
Good luck.


07-05-2007 11:13:59

had to leave a message (


07-05-2007 11:16:13

$200 bones that's a lot, let us know how it goes


07-05-2007 11:18:23

yeah. it wouldn't be a big deal if I actually got to try it!


07-05-2007 13:16:57

Hey Tink,

If you never got the trial, the post office has a record of whether the item was received or not, which will also show in the CS Reps computer screen with regards to your order. If they can't verity that you got it, then they should be able to take care of it...also, were you charged the S/H fee?

If so, there is a tracking # that will show what happened, or atleast that you hadn't received it. They are hard to get ahold of.

Hope you get it worked out. Shame you didn't try it, it's a lot better than some of the other stuff, and makes you chatty (I'm already like that oops ) but doesn't cause the jitters.

Margot 8)


07-05-2007 14:44:59

They couldn't prove that they ever even SHIPPED it. No I have to wait for the new shipment to get to me, then I have to spend MORE money to ship it back just to get my freaking $200 back. grrrrrr


07-05-2007 15:11:42

Tink, Tink, Tink,...I'm so sorry!

If they have no idea whether they even shipped it, which isn't right, as I've delt with them, and they have all the info in their computer...then an upper level supervisor is what you needed. I just added this. But this is the route if you didn't do it...

Did you talk to a cs rep? Or an upper level supervisor? Being a customer service rep for a time, I learned the limitations of them, and what the supervisors had the authority to do, that would more effectivly help you...if you went to a supervisor, there is one more that has even more authority, if that one didn't help you to your satisfaction.

I could go on for days about this, but one thing for any of you to do if faced with a serious problem. Make sure you contact the 1st level one time. Your next call goes something like this. "I was just being helped, and was going to be transferred to a supervisor, and was disconected, would you please transfer me?" If they say I might be able to help you, be as polite as possible and state that you would preferr to be transferred. This keeps you from having to repeat your story over and over. Once you do get a supervisor, politely explain your situation, and how "sorry you are that XXXXX happened, you are, or were (as the case may be) very interested in their product, and now this, is there anything that can be done to rectify the situation?" Alway use some levity and be positive...their main goal is to keep you happy and coming back, and the last thing they want is to deal with another crabby (being polite) customer.

I wish I could go on...and sure that some of you wish I wouldn't...LMAO, but I have a lot of work to get done...wish you the best Tink!

Margot wink


07-05-2007 17:12:32

I am learning the ropes, but have found some offers that don't give you an 800 number to call. One thing you can do is, check the charge on your credit card info and it should list the 800 number in the details of the charge.

I've found a few numbers by doing this.

You probably already know that...but just thought I would mention it anyway!! wink


07-05-2007 18:45:21

Another point that some might not be aware of. and thank you dependable for bringing it up...the number you see in reference to the item you ordered, under "pending" transactions, can often be the billing company and not the site itself, and is sometimes the better of the 2 choices to seek help through...no pushy sales people, and very little wait time. When you see a pending charge for an order you placed, check to see if it corresponds with the cs # given at the time of your order, or they may even state the co that does the billing for them in the TOS. Often is easier to go there, if having real difficulty. But remember that you must catch it in the pending stage, as it changes (if it was a billing co) once the transaction has gone through.

Margot wink