Questions about subbing refs for greens

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06-05-2007 12:28:31

I think I've got a pretty good handle on what I'm doing here. The only thing I haven't yet had to deal with is the whole realm of signing up for a site unreferred to get a free green, and substituting an extra ref for offer credits and all that. I am trying to explain it to someone else and I need help.

This is a direct quote from the PM this person sent me

[quoteb4798ce051]HOw do you do an extra referal instead of an offer, do all sites offer that... but if you do that then how do you go green for someone?[/quoteb4798ce051]

This person has done many many offers outside of the freebie sites and is now having a rough time finding offers that she can do that aren't ridiculously expensive. So if anyone can help me give her a little insight on all this I would be sooooo appreciative.


06-05-2007 12:36:04

WhyPayItsFree allows users to get extra referrals if they don't want to do an offer themselves.

One extra referral is required if the user is un-referred or two if the user is referred (The referrer also gets credit).

Suppose a person joins the site un-referred and wants $250 PayPal (5 referrals), they will have to do offers to get 100% Credit and get 5 referrals to do the same. Alternatively, they can get 6 referrals to do that and not do any offers themselves.

Our system does not allow users to place an order if the user doesn't have 100% Credit. After getting required referrals, a user must submit support ticket. We'll credit the account with an offer completion so that they can order.

This applies to all sites except Cash.

For Cash site, a user need [b029e8582d8]not[/b029e8582d8] do any offers themselves if sign up un-referred. A user has to complete offers [b029e8582d8]only if[/b029e8582d8] they were referred by someone. After that is done, the referrer would get credit.