Avatar - Not showing??

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06-05-2007 05:38:37

Can someone please help me with my avatar. I resized it to 85 width and 85 height so that the size is now 28.2KB, but it still will not appear where the avatar should be. Is there a reason for this? Thanks ahead of time for any help offered. asuperstar103 8)


06-05-2007 05:55:52

I see it fine ?


06-05-2007 06:43:26

[quote89163c3f91="DIABLO"]I see it fine ?[/quote89163c3f91]

What? You can see my avatar. I cant see it, it doesnt appear on any of my posts as far as I can see. What in the world would cause that. Does it look OK?


06-05-2007 13:06:13

It's there, although it looks a little squished and grainy.


06-05-2007 14:39:38

Yes, it's there for me also, but it's very hard to read.

If you already haven't save it as a GIF and not a JPG...it's smaller, so then you can make your image bigger D


07-05-2007 04:12:59

I dont get why I cant make mine any bigger. Look how big diablos is. I have to make mine way smaller jpg or gif it doesnt matter. I changed it a little bit, but it still looks stupid!


07-05-2007 04:13:31

And why can I not see it on my end????? This is very frustrating, all the other freebie forums I use, it shows up just fine???