New Member : Mulitiple Acounts?Tips?

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06-05-2007 00:00:12

Hi lemme explain my situation..
I read on the read me thing that u can only have one account per site per household.. well i gave this whole "free stuff" a try a while back and trying it again but then now I don't remember what sites i signed up for etc.. b.t.w. i never actually got far enough to obtain anything free.. (slacking) oops
Any responses are appreciated P u save me money n time lol

ALSO i wanna ask this because i want to help people get their referrals but i don't want to see any complications. ) thanks again

If you can pm me or reply here with any helpful tips that would be cool too.


06-05-2007 02:07:27

Well, as far as I KNOW...there is no way to tell, except before you sign up for a site, be sure to try and login with your old email, assuming you DO know that.

Also, I think a lot of sites, if you were put on hold for this, you could explain it, and I bet they would understand. Doing multiple offers, however, would me much different..


06-05-2007 02:22:36

wow cool thanks for the help mang u reduced alot of stress for me )


06-05-2007 07:10:41

Hi there,

I accidently duplicated an account. It had been so long since I had been there that I had forgotten I had signed up for it, and didn't have a record of it, as the trade was canceled.

As Patrick, stated, try to log in with any and all e-mails and passwords you may have used first. and if nothing allows you access to the members area, you are probably safe, but you could always contact support on the site, give them your name, and ask if they have a record of an account for you....just to be on the safe side.

Also as Patrick pointed out, it is easily fixable by most sites, as long as you hadn't greensed on it yet...if you have greened previously, and duplicate an account, and go green on it again, you will be put on hold, and your money for completing the offers will be wasted.

Always better safe then sorry!

Good Luck here,

Margot wink