a new mac notebook.would it be a prob?

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05-05-2007 19:13:14

you see i plan to buy a new MAC notebook, and i plan to continue my FiPG biz using that...

i hav been using another pc eversince....

so i wanna know if that should be a problem for me..in terms of IP address and cookies settings[not so familiar with MAC myself since ive been using windows..]

i really need enlightenment..guys help me out..!

ive read another post which was kinda similar to mine...and i KINDA understood it..
but i wanna knw if the cookie settings on a MAC has any difference with a PC..

help me...!


05-05-2007 19:17:56

i would think that the ip would be the same.i doubt there would be a problem but i dont use macs