credit for tr and feedback?

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05-05-2007 15:11:42

I was under the impression that once you request a tr you get credit for your trade and the feeback posted to your profile within a few hours? i dont see that happening with my account? how long does it normally take? i have been working hard to build up a good trading reputation and thought i would have at least a few tr's listed by now? D


05-05-2007 15:30:41

The Mods have to go over them all and approve it. It'll then show "TR Credited" with no drop down box and then your TR goes up.... They do it daily, just depends how busy they are and how many there are to do.


05-05-2007 15:44:22

oh i understand D ty for the clarification i was thinking that maybe i was doing something wrong because the feedback i posted with the trader was already on thier profile D i feel better now i was beginning to think that no one thought i was "dependable" D


05-05-2007 16:17:15

Sandra Habina and I did a trade and i was denied.. never found out why though lishrugli


05-05-2007 17:58:28

that stinks were you a newbie when that happened cause i read that two newbies with less than 4 trades wont get credit?


05-05-2007 19:19:22

or a nocreditcard site trade. those dont get TR.
just have patience when it comes to tr )


05-05-2007 19:42:37

jy3 is correct!


06-05-2007 07:51:14

whats the reasoning behind no tr on a non cc site? a trade should be a trade... do you get a tr if you do green for green?


06-05-2007 08:57:28

it was a nocc )

Didn't know you didn't get TR for those. Thanks )


06-05-2007 09:09:45

[quote086cdb2c6c="dependable"]whats the reasoning behind no tr on a non cc site? a trade should be a trade... do you get a tr if you do green for green?[/quote086cdb2c6c]

There's far less risk involved since no money changes hands; therefore it would be simple for a scammer to build a respectable TR quickly and then scam users for trades involving money.


06-05-2007 12:11:31

that makes sense ty. Always a bad apple in a bunch to spoil things for all what a shame


06-05-2007 12:12:34

by the way... does feedback get posted after tr is credited also?


06-05-2007 16:55:32

just an update for all that helped me out here... i am now credited along with feedback!! thank you all for being patient with me and happy trading!


06-05-2007 20:50:53

9 TR and 10 posts in 4 days.. (soon to be 11 TR thanx dependable).. her and i initiated a trade last night and she went yellow today just like she said.. has been in great communication.. oh yeah.. ya signed up on my birthday as well ;).. reading her posts she seems like a newbie who takes this seriously and with a 9 TR in 4 days i think it seems safe to say she is legit.. i sent her a pm earlier thanking her for the help and just givin her some tidbits of info and my own view on the trading scene.. in my opinion i think she is and will be a very good trader and positive addition ot the community in time.. i'm still fairly new to all of this myself and i do check the scammer posts pretty much daily to keep up with whats goin on on that unfortunate bad end of trading.. i hafta admit that sometimes im like whew when i see ppl i have pm'ed but luckily not have opened them yet.. and other times it gets a lil depressing to read al the posts about them in there and seein all the damn scammers.. i HATE scammers.. heh.. sorry gettin a lil off topic here.. i think dependable will be a very good addition like i said.. i know i dont have the TR or the years experience in trading but i DO strive to always be honest and fair and i think i got a good feelin about this one here.. yet again.. just my 2 cents ;)



07-05-2007 06:29:54

ty shawn for those thoughtful words of praise and encouragement!! Anytime i am working for and with ppl i take it very seriously and give 110%