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05-05-2007 06:18:02

What do you do when the person that you have paid to go green has done so and you have paid them, but they haven't changed their status to Request TR. I have done so and I have pm'd to ask nicely for them to do the same, but still no change.

A Hart

05-05-2007 07:27:08

You just have to keep asking and wait. I have been waiting for TR that I may never get from a deal. You can pm a mod and try to get them to urge that person to go ahead and finish out the deal. Other than that, you can't get the TR if they do not choose to give it to you.
I know that sucks. I am dealing with the same thing!
Good Luck.
Give it a little time and see what happens.
Have they read your message about the TR yet?


05-05-2007 07:49:53

I'm dealing with the same thing from a few different people. I would love to get those TR points, but sadly, all we can do is wait, like A Hart said )


05-05-2007 09:19:13

I have several that never gave tr. Alot of times when you trade with a newbi they do 1 trade and decide this is not for them. You have already paid so they leave the forum and we never hear from them again. Try to e-mail them with the addy they used to sign up with. I have recieved a few doing it that way. They all told me sorry I thought we were done.


05-05-2007 10:11:34

I had to keep asking over and over again....2 weeks later he now has requested TR


05-05-2007 12:01:20

im miss request TR on 2 record on trade modull.
im request TR it auto delete..
and i Miss Trade record..


07-05-2007 02:06:39

It is a sad thing, but you just have to keep asking.


07-05-2007 17:54:34

[quote415025d2cb="hieuandthuy"]im miss request TR on 2 record on trade modull.
im request TR it auto delete..
and i Miss Trade record..[/quote415025d2cb]


I don't understand what you are trying to say/ask...........